Shoemoney · Posted Jul 30 2010

My Scratch Off – Free Shirt Friday

My Scratch Off is actually one of the better free gaming sites with prizes. According to the website “members of get chances for top prizes and the best odds at w...
AMNavigator · Posted Jul 30 2010

10 Email Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter

It’s Friday again, and in the best traditions of Twitter’s #FollowFriday list sharing, today I’d like to turn to email marketers. So, ladies and gentlemen, I now bring you a list...
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 29 2010

ShoeMoney System 2.0 SOLD OUT

In just a few short hours, the new ShoeMoney System 2.0 has sold out.  If you want to be put on the waiting list for any open spots, just head over here.
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 29 2010

ShoeMoney System 2.0 Just Released

We just released the 2.0 version of the ShoeMoney System. Go here and get your copy now!
Copyblogger · Posted Jul 29 2010

Introducing (Check out the Free Videos)

So, you’ve heard my take on why guest blogging is important. Over the years, you’ve probably seen other popular bloggers talking about it too. But maybe you can’t help thinking...
AMNavigator · Posted Jul 29 2010

Facebook Attack: Data of 100 Million Users Collected & Published

and it is now available for a free download! Scary, isn’t it? 100 million Facebook users essentially means every fifth account. A couple hours after the publishing of this...
Copyblogger · Posted Jul 28 2010

The Glass Ceiling, the Inner Circle, and the Key to Building a Popular Blog

“What am I doing wrong?” I whispered to the computer screen. A part of me wanted nothing more than to go to bed and forget about blogging forever. And yet, there I was, hunched...
AMNavigator · Posted Jul 28 2010

Daily Blogging Increases Traffic Yielding Higher Social Engagement

I know the title of the post may sound banal and obvious, but it wasn’t such to me when after 500+ days of daily blogging I decided to take a break, and write only Mondays through...
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 27 2010

Free $60 From (the all new) MyAds

MyAds – Fox Audience Network, formally MyAds MySpace has relaunched and they have agreed to offer ShoeMoney readers $60 in free advertising. This offer is good for existing advert...
Ian Fernando · Posted Jul 27 2010

Kaching! Make a Business that Pays and Pays

A while back I dailybooth a pic receiving the Kaching book by Joel Comm. I heard about this book at a recent JV Alert in Philadelphia and since I bought prior books by Joel before...