AMNavigator · Posted Jul 12 2010

CBS News Confused on Who Won 2010 FIFA World Cup

I know this sounds pretty insane — and not because the octopus predicted otherwise — but apparently CBS News proclaimed the Netherlands the winner of the 2010 FIFA World Cup after...
AMNavigator · Posted Jul 12 2010

How Not to Interpret EPC …Especially When Doing PPC

Regardless of what you may hear about affiliate marketing being an untapped goldmine waiting for you to become the Internet’s next millionaire, you gotta be careful. Campaigns wher...
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 11 2010

This Week in the ShoeMoney Marketplace

New listings placed this week in the ShoeMoney Marketplace: STRUGGLING WITH TRAFFIC Generate WordPress Posts from RSS Feeds 25 FREE Backlinks. Try free for 21...
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 09 2010

OMG Hot Tub Time Machine Is Hilarious

This is not nearly as funny if your not in your 30’s
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 09 2010

Ny Silly – Free Shirt Friday

This weeks Free Shirt Friday, is from NY Silly. This is a game site where you can earn cash prizes. It also appears to have some sort of forum. I have to say that the site could us...
AMNavigator · Posted Jul 09 2010

Is Twitter Turning Into a Super Affiliate?

Targeting specifically deals-oriented users Twitter has introduced its new @EarlyBird account. This one will essentially be Twitter’s own account for the distribution of time-sensi...
AMNavigator · Posted Jul 09 2010

8 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts on Writing

Writing is the area where nearly every one of us could use improvement, and improving one’s writing is never a one-time task, but an ongoing lifetime-long process. The power of cri...
AMNavigator · Posted Jul 08 2010

Affiliates, Domain Names and Trademark Violations

It isn’t unusual to see the following affiliate paid search policy set out and enforced by a merchant: In the vast majority of cases the above PPC policy is one of those best...
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 08 2010

Hugh Macleod Rocks

Every time we shoot a video or take pictures in my office I always get a slew of emails asking where I got the huge Purple Cow art piece. I picked it up from famed cartoonist/...
AMNavigator · Posted Jul 07 2010

Conversion Optimization: Are You Split Testing Headlines?

Regardless of whether you’re marketing products, services, or anything else, your landing pages contain several common elements. The first one that every visitor (and search engine...