Shoemoney · Posted Nov 07 2005

Chitika eMiniMalls paying very nice 700$/day so far

Chitika was good but AuctionAds is where its at!
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 04 2005

Google Advertising On Yahoo Publisher Network

As I was reading Jensense, site by Jenstar, Shoemoney dubed “Queen of Contextual Advertising”, I noticed that Google ads on her YPN! So wait… Google pays yahoo to bring people to...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 04 2005

New Google Adsense Changes

Jenstar, the Queen of Contextual Advertising, has broken down the changes with Googles new terms of service for Adsense. Check out the full post Here
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 03 2005

My Nigerian Intern

So I had this person contact me wanting to learn from me. Aparently he didnt see the karate kid and learn that it takes hard work…. or something.. On 10/31 i recieved this pm fro...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 02 2005

Latest Google update – my thoughts

The latest Google update has people truly puzzled. In my opinion 3 major things were targeted. Blog spam Dynamic Links Forum links I think Google is now doing a double check...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 24 2005

Azoogleads – now im scared

So azoogleads has shown me a bit of love. I bumped them up to 50% in my ratio and am doing decent 5 figures a day. Last Friday night I am feeling pretty good about it and then all...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 22 2005

Dodge charger general lee model

Some of you may know I purchased a Dodge Charger this week. While I was at the dealership I noticed this Dukes Of Hazzard General Lee model that the dealership had done custom. Th...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 20 2005

Adsense CPM for the win

Google adsense lately has been offering Adwords publishers some nice tools like CPM targeting. What is CPM targeting? Its when a Adwords advertiser specifically targets your websit...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 08 2005

Azoogleads : Week one : So far so good

A week ago Friday I received a call from a company called Azoogleads. A nice rep named chantell spoke to me and thought they had some good matches for one of my sites. I gave them...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 05 2005

wiforums – sucking for me so far

So I purchased this wap front end to one of my bigger forums this week. The only problem is the sucker just refuses to work with php5. The support after taking forever to respond f...