Copyblogger · Posted May 07 2006

Free Link Love

Are there any three sweeter words to the ear of a blogger? One of the points I really wanted to stress in my free Viral Copy report was that linking out often to others was one o...
Shoemoney · Posted May 06 2006

Berkshire Hathaway Meeting – Bill Gates Bows out from being first shoemoney show guest (politely)

I got up at 5am this morning and drove from Lincoln to Omaha to attend the BRK shareholder meeting. Was really nice to meet those of you that said hi. I ran into Bill Gates for t...
Copyblogger · Posted May 05 2006

They Laughed When He Ran Away From the Basket… Until He Sank the Three Pointer!

Why would a 7-foot-tall forward in the NBA bother taking shots from way back behind the three point line? Because he makes them. That’s quite remarkable, given that fellow 7-fo...
Shoemoney · Posted May 05 2006

Berkshire Hathaway Weekend

This weekend is the annual Berkshire Hathaway INC. stock holders meeting. I love this event and have some people flying into town for it. I know some of you guys are brk stock hol...
Shoemoney · Posted May 04 2006

my blog is worth 2 million dollars ? hrmm

I was recently pointed to this site which says my blog is worth almost 2 miiiiiiiiiillllionnn dollars (finger to mouth like Dr. Evil). I am open to offers =P
Shoemoney · Posted May 03 2006

Search Engine Bot followup – True Searchbot ROI

I did a post a while back here in which I talk about how much traffic search engines are sending me vs how much they are indexing me. It was a fun and interesting stat (to me) but...
Shoemoney · Posted May 01 2006

Toronto 2006 Search Engine Strategies Recap

EDIT: I forgot to thank Jason Bailey for many of the great pics I posted! Wow Toronto was a LOT of fun… gee where did all the time go.. I got off the plane into Canada about 6p...
Shoemoney · Posted Apr 30 2006

I never learned anything from a compliment

People often send me emails with URLs to where others have been critical of my work or writing… or whatever. A lot of times they will follow it up by “what a jerk” or something li...
Shoemoney · Posted Apr 29 2006

Looking for domain register – tried and

Can anyone drop some names of registers and some experiences they have had with them. Here is my experiences so far: Solid infrastructure and time tested tools. N...
Copyblogger · Posted Apr 28 2006

Your Unique Story Proposition

You’ve likely heard of the need for a “unique selling proposition” (USP) in order to be successful in business. In essence, a USP is something that you offer customers or clients t...