Copyblogger · Posted Jun 11 2006

How to Get Huge Viral Buzz for Your Start-Up

Hire a prominent blogger. See #1. Further discussion — too many links to count. Here’s Robert’s thoughts. Subscribe to Copyblogger today!
Copyblogger · Posted Jun 11 2006

Effective Advertising That Builds Your Fan Club

It’s ironic, isn’t it? Bootstrapping, tech-savvy entrepreneurs use blogs as ultra-low-cost tools for free promotion in lieu of an advertising budget, often with great success....
Shoemoney · Posted Jun 11 2006

This Weeks Show – How To Monetize Community Websites Traffic with Lee Dodd

Lee Dodd, owner of Sprint Users and other large forums has agreed to be on the show this week. Lee has mastered the art of making money online and is currently working on a book ab...
Shoemoney · Posted Jun 10 2006

a2hosting costing me thousands do you want to make 350$ ?

So I do not host my sites that I run ppc campaigns on… why? well because I spend a lot of money on the ppc engines and that can really cause you problems if your site is down. We...
Shoemoney · Posted Jun 08 2006

New Unofficial Webmaster Radio Chat Program For Windows

My friend Cloak has created a very lightweight application to access webmaster radio chat room and also launch the feeds easily. I think its a very cool solution for those people...
Shoemoney · Posted Jun 07 2006

First Radio Show Net Income Episode 1

Last night was the first episode of a new radio show I host on called “Net Income”. (click here to download) This was a REALLY new experience for me. I had been...
Shoemoney · Posted Jun 07 2006

You CANT Keep The Captain Down, You Can Only Hope To Contain Him(it)

Heeeeeeeeees Baaaaaaaaack on eBay! Its The Captain! Originally the auction was canceled (read here). But now Dax has put his stash back on ebay. This time the auction is complete...
Shoemoney · Posted Jun 06 2006

$1000.00 worth of Text Link Ads for free – Don’t Miss The Show!

So Today tuesday, June 6th on my radio show my guest Patrick Gavin will give out 4 coupon codes for 250$ each for Make sure you listen in and take part in the c...
Shoemoney · Posted Jun 06 2006

Free 1000 Adwords Credit

Google appears to be running a special promotion for 1000 in adwords credits for new publishers that are Indian. Now I am not positive but I think I am 1/8 Cherokee Indian so no...
Copyblogger · Posted Jun 06 2006

Business Bloggers Rock

Big companies are paying big money to another company that creates and manages private, branded online communities. Why? 82% of community members said they were more likely...