Shoemoney · Posted Feb 04 2006

Php5 Boot camp wrap up

Last Sunday when I took off from Omaha I was not really sure what to expect. I have such a love hate relationship with traveling. I always dread when I have to leave but once I am...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 04 2006

Google sheep piss me off

So I am sitting on the plane from Atlanta to Chicago and this woman next to with me asks me if I work for Google. I said no and she went on to say… “Well you have a Google backpac...
Copyblogger · Posted Feb 02 2006

Long Tail Wind

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen the main theme of a business book gain such huge traction – before the book is even released – than The Long Tail by Wired editor-in-chief Chris Ande...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 02 2006

Dave Chappelle on Oprah explains mysterious leave

This was on Oprah 2/3/2006 but because I hate Oprah and work during the day I missed it. I was one of Dave Chappelle’s bigest fans and very puzzled myself when he left 50 million...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 01 2006

Is your website making what it should be?

Another year has passed and I have been doing some HEAVY number crunching. I thought I would share something I pay the most attention to but have never really blogged about. A lot...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 01 2006

Big Nerd Ranch Update

First off, I have uploaded photos Day 2 and 3 have been pretty awesome. When they say Bootcamp they are not kidding around. We have covered about every major thing with php that...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 01 2006

How do you run Google Adsense AND Yahoo! YPN on the same page?

I guess when you are as big as the standard tos does not apply Notice adsense at the top and ypn on the right
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 01 2006

Henry Warren > Quick Connect

I hired a local internet company, Quick Connect on December 15th to do my corporate website. I wrote them a check and paid full upfront 3,000.00 for the site to be done. I finally...
Shoemoney · Posted Jan 31 2006

WordPress 2.0.1 update released

There  is a new update for wordpress 2.0 that addresses a lot of annoying things about wordpress 2.0. From the site : it’s been exactly one month since we released the well-re...
Shoemoney · Posted Jan 30 2006

Big Nerd Ranch php5 bootcamp day 1

Sunday – Pre nerd camp Landed at ATL around 2pm and was shuttled with Ryan to the Big Nerd Ranch. I think this is going to be really good . I have never been much of a woodsman a...