Shoemoney · Posted Aug 29 2006

Awesome 3 days in PA With The PepperJam Execs

If you listen to Net Income then you know who Kris Jones is. Last week Kris invited my developer Dillsmack, and myself to thier headquarters in Wilkes-Barre PA. Kris is the CEO...
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 28 2006

No Net Income Tomorrow

Due to the pending hurricane about to hit webmaster radio studios in Florida, there will not be a Net Income show tomorrow.
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 28 2006

eBay Ads are Pretty Hot

I have been running the eBay ads on the right for a bit now and …. I gotta say I am pretty impressed. Its paying about 4x what Adsense or Yahoo Publisher network has ever paid on a...
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 28 2006

What If You Could Get A List Of Your Competitors Keywords

What if you could get a list of every word your competitor has been bidding on? How much would that be worth to you? We have been working on some tools to do just that…. someone...
Copyblogger · Posted Aug 28 2006

7 Steps to Creating and Selling a Niche Information Product

The announcement of Tubetorial has generated a nice response. Some people want to get involved, hundreds have signed up, and others simply want to know what the initial topics are...
Copyblogger · Posted Aug 27 2006

Telling People a Story They Want to Hear

I really enjoyed Hugh MacLeod’s interview with Seth Godin (two great reads who read great together). And it was especially interesting to hear about the frustration Seth feels whe...
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 26 2006

Head of Adsense sheds light on Googles strategy to combat MFA websites

On an Arbitrage Issues panel in San Jose, Kim Malone was asked specifically what steps Google is taking to stop the MFA (Made For Adsense) websites. This question was posed right a...
Copyblogger · Posted Aug 26 2006

Journalistic Superiority at Work

Could one of only two remaining daily British broadsheet newspapers be so desperate as to steal blog content? This past Thursday Claire Zulkey of MediaBistro Toolbox did a hilari...
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 25 2006

Azoogleads To Disable Accounts For Use of free, zero cost, no charge, no fee words or any synonym of those words

Taking a page out of Microsofts book Azoogleads has given publishers less than 24 hours notice to change all graphic banners (which they provided), PPC keywords, and all promotions...
Copyblogger · Posted Aug 25 2006

Copywriting Books You Should Buy

Here are my favorite copywriting books, for beginning to intermediate copywriters: Advertising Secrets of the Written Word I have a lot of copywriting books and courses, and if...