Shoemoney · Posted Sep 10 2006

Google Teams Up With Ebay Cookie Stuffer

My Google Toolbar updated today and I had the option to add the button to my toolbar… ohh whats this? I can use this!! I am always mispelling words right? Lets loo...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 10 2006

Spam Contest winning number is 19,402

the winning number for the spam contest is 19,402 if someone could tell me who won that would be fantastic. I am leaving San Diego early tomorrow morning then will only be home...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 10 2006

Looking To Get Into The Search Engine Marketing Business?

Pepperjam has launched an international search to hire several people in the SEM industry. Some pretty incredible opportunities there. Positions available: Senior Search-En...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 09 2006

Fishing In San Diego

Today Shawn Hogan, Dillsmack, and I went out into the pacific trying to catch some mermaids…. instead we got some ugly ass fish pics here
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 08 2006

Traveling the world with a baby is all about the equipment

My baby is only 10 weeks old (11 weeks on friday) but she has already been to Las vegas, San Jose, and last Wednesday we arrived in San Diego. We used to travel with this enourmo...
Copyblogger · Posted Sep 08 2006

Why is “Sell” Such a Bad Word?

Sell. Selling. Sales. Not very popular words, are they? Quite frankly, I wasn’t initially sure whether I would be banished from the blogosphere for daring to use the word “...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 08 2006

Paris Hilton – Master Marketer

Since I been here in San Diego every time I turn on the national news like cnn or msnbc or fox news all I see is how Paris Hilton got busted for a DWI…. HOW HOT IS THAT Just when...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 08 2006

David Naylor Gets In On The Contest Goodness

David Naylor has started a competition to guess what Dax’s key is for which is the prize for guessing the correct number of comments on my blog which of course is from my guess the...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 07 2006

Dax Hosts Guess The Comments contest

My friend Dax is hosting a competition over at his site- In team Webguerrilla fashion, I’m going to hop onto this contest by holding one of my own. The person who guesses the nu...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 06 2006

Net Income Season 1 Episode 12 podcast posted

Webmaster radio has posted my newest radio show featuring co-host Andy Hagans. We broke down the top 10 ways to make money online and also took some calls. Thanks again Andy For c...