Shoemoney · Posted Oct 11 2006

Microsoft Adcenter Coupon For Free 50$

On the adcenter blog they have a coupon code for free 50$ for NEW AND EXISTING accounts!!! GOGOGOGOGO NOW NOW NOW its only good for the first 200 people to do it!!!!!!!!!!
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 11 2006

More About ShoeMoney on ABC NEWS 20/20

A while back I told you guys I was called by a producer for a show on ABC called 20/20 because they wanted permission to use footage and excerpts from this post to use on 10/13 sho...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 11 2006

Hump Day Speed Blogging

Cha-Ching: Last night on the radio show I mentioned there was a promotion for 50$ for each new Yahoo Search Marketing account. I got quite a few emails about where to get that coup...
Copyblogger · Posted Oct 11 2006

How to Get on Techmeme in 3 Simple Steps

Want some good Techmeme exposure? Here’s 3 easy steps to showing up: Do a riff on a post by a famous SEO guy. Offer pedestrian blog writing tips. This one is the real key…...
Copyblogger · Posted Oct 10 2006

Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully

In 1988, The Writer’s Handbook reprinted an article by novelist Stephen King entitled Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully – in Ten Minutes. In it, King told the...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 09 2006

10 Reasons Why The Google YouTube Deal Makes Sense

People have been commenting like “OHH MY GOD THE BUBBLE IS STARTED AGAIN” and “Why would Google buy the site when they already run AdSense” Ok its not rocket science let me expla...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 08 2006

DMOZ Directory – How Much Money Is It Worth To You

When some of my sites got into the Google Business DMOZ directory It was really a turning point for them in there organic search engine rankings. Those rankings of course lead to i...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 08 2006

What The Hell Does Mark Cuban Know Anyway

So I see Mark Cuban has chimed in with his 2 cents on the Google/Youtube Deal. Has this guy done anything ever that actually made money ? Ohhh ya he sold a domain name to Yahoo. (b...
Copyblogger · Posted Oct 08 2006

The Fight Club Guide to Successful Online Marketing

Stories sell, there’s no doubt about it. But they don’t sell because they tell people what to do. It’s what a story allows people to tell themselves that makes it a powerful...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 06 2006

Google To Acquire You-Tube for 1+ Billion

UPDATE Ok Everyone and there mom is now reporting what we said this morning but I was just told the final deal on the table is for 2.1 Billion for YouTube to take it or leave it....