Shoemoney · Posted Oct 02 2006

AzoogleAds Responds Rumors On Wickedfire Forums

Alex, co-founder of AzoogleAds publicly responded on wickedfire forums about them letting 16 people go. He also addresses the actual state of affiliate marketing saying its doubl...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 02 2006

Lost Season 3 Premier Trailer Out

I am SO EXCITED!! This wednesday the new season of Lost starts! (thanks jen for the link)
Copyblogger · Posted Oct 02 2006

10 Steps to a Viral Tutorial That Sells

Can a tutorial attract links and traffic, while selling at the same time? We know that a well-written tutorial that stays strongly focused on benefits to the reader can fly under...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 30 2006

The Key To Being Anti-Social – How To Deal With Diggs, Slashdot, Delicious, ect

We had a few off the wall questions during last weeks radio show about how I deal with digg and the other social networks. Well I have a dedicated server that I use pretty much jus...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 30 2006

Azoogleads On

I got a few AIM’s yesterday and also noticed this thread on wicked fire about Azoogleads being on Quote from 16 gone Rumor has it Azoogle...
Copyblogger · Posted Sep 29 2006

How Great Headlines Score Traffic

So, it’s Wednesday morning of this week, and I’m right in the middle of the daily train wreck that occurs as soon as the kids roll out of bed. As I deftly prevent the 18 month ol...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 29 2006

Google Pagerank Update Underway

First seen on For those that care Google is rolling out a pagerank update. It looks like is going to a pr6 ?!? woot ( I only care when my pr goes up)...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 29 2006

5 Quick and Easy Ways To Stop Blog Spam Before It Hits Your Blog

Unless your Lisa Picarille from Revenue Magazine ( check the trackbacks on this whoper )you know that you would have to be a idiot to automatically approve all comments and trackba...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 28 2006

Sew Author Catherine Seda Clearly Does Not Get it

In a story on SEW called “Search Arbitrage: Good or Evil?” Catherine Seda writes about a session she attended at San Jose SES which dealt for the most part with search engine arbit...
Copyblogger · Posted Sep 27 2006

Finally, Something New in RSS

I haven’t posted about RSS much lately, since there’s been very little going on. But this week Gabe Rivera of TechMeme announced a very cool use of RSS—he pulls posts from his sp...