Shoemoney · Posted Nov 25 2006

UkGimp Interview Posted

I did a interview late last night with UkGimp. Its already posted here. Thanks Gimpy. UkGimp has a very nice looking blog over there check it out
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 23 2006

Our Private Table At Binions

Thanks Brent for posting this video! Its us playing poker at Binions Casino in Las Vegas. It was just a friendly game I think at most there were a few thousand in chips in play on...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 23 2006

Things I am thankful for this year

So 1 year ago I made a post containing things I am thankful for. Not a whole lot has changed except for 1 addition to our family. This year I am most thankful for our new baby gi...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 22 2006

Cloaking Landing Pages, Pubcon Recap and much more

Last nights Net Income has now been posted. Thanks to Cshel and Shandyking for co-hosting a great show. We talked a lot about Pubcon coverage. It was great to get Cshels perspect...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 22 2006

SEOthursdays Pubcon Drinking Game Wild Cards

Here are your WildCards for Pubcon Drinking Contest: Rand Fishkin Andrew Goodman Michael Gray Kris Farmer Jake Baillie Hats off to for a great c...
Copyblogger · Posted Nov 22 2006

Five Reasons Why the List Post is Dead

I’ve finally seen the light. Some of the wiser members of the blogosphere have convinced me… The list post is dead. Never mind 100 years of tested headline psychology and the...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 21 2006

Movie Vault, Nintendo Wii Domains, And Other Stuff For Sale

I noticed some interesting websites for sale around the Intarweb. – TylerCruz is selling his “baby” in this thread at digitalpoint. Geez I want this site. Why? 1...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 21 2006

ShandyKing and CShel on Todays Net Income

I am happy to announce on todays show we will have longtime webmasterradio chat room participants Cshel and ShandyKing. ShandyKing who works for webguerrilla will have a great pe...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 20 2006

Being ShoeMoney At Pubcon

The first day of pubcon I handed out a bunch of shirts as I always do at conferences. The only downside to the new compressed shirts is a lot of times people wont wear them because...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 19 2006

Calacanis Canned, Google To Buy Nintendo, Dmoz Dead

While I was at Pubcon I heard a rumor that Jason Calacanis had resigned. Then at one of the parties I talked to a person from AOL and she said that after all the scandals (digg, Ad...