Shoemoney · Posted Sep 18 2006

Working On A New Theme

yeaaaaaaaa most of the links are broke…. images dont load… I know most people would do this in a development enviornment but I shoot from the hip so deal with it! and quit emai...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 18 2006

Glad To Be Back

Landed last night from IAD and I was super happy to see my wife and baby. Havokfest was off the hook. It was great to see friends but now its time to get to work.
Copyblogger · Posted Sep 18 2006

The Peril of Free Keyword Research Tools

So, let’s say you’re being a good Internet marketer and doing your search engine keyword research. You’re looking for new search trends that you can profit from. Maybe you’ll st...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 16 2006

Thanking Military People At Airports For Their Service

I was listening to this nationally syndicated talk show host Glenn Beck about a year ago and he was talking about thanking service men and women when you see them at airports (caus...
Copyblogger · Posted Sep 14 2006

I am a Shameless Attention Seeker

Did you know there are two Technorati Top 100 lists? One is the list determined by the number of blogs that link to another blog. That’s the Top 100 we’re all familiar with. B...
Copyblogger · Posted Sep 14 2006

How to Overcome Skepticism

Many people think the main barrier to online marketing success is a lack of traffic. But it’s really a lack of trust. There’s a million ways to get traffic, whether you pay for...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 13 2006

Headed To Havokfest

I am headed Havokfest until Monday. (last years link) BTW this year I actually got Hooters to donate chicken wings and sandwiches Friday AND Saturday. WOOT. The radio show on tue...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 13 2006

Google Adsense Sent Me A LavaLamp

So I got this package today from Google and I was like wow… what could it be.. Its a Yellow lavalamp… doesnt say anything Google on the lavalamp it self. Kind of weird its just a...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 13 2006

6 Tips to Having A Successful Website

I was solo for this episode of Net Income but I had a agenda that I wanted to cover… It was my six tips on building a successful website. I think this show sucked. I am not very...
Copyblogger · Posted Sep 13 2006

The 9 Most Important Words for Business Bloggers

Some people think it’s all about “how you say it.” Others think it’s all about how many times a week you post. Both groups are wrong. What you say matters more than how you s...