Shoemoney · Posted Dec 25 2006

Webguerrilla Bitch Slaps SEMPO and DidIT

When I speak in public or talk about SEM I always stress the 2 sides…. SEO and PPC. My company’s story is pretty easy. We found success with SEO, made some decent checks with con...
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 25 2006

Google Quality Score Beta

I really like the new quality score display on Google Adwords. Now you can see instantly what your quality score is. No more guessing if your price is due to a crappy landing page...
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 23 2006

Happy Hollidays From My Family To Yours

Wherever in the world you are I wish you a happy, safe, holiday from my family to yours
Copyblogger · Posted Dec 21 2006

The Best of Copyblogger (According to Time Magazine’s Person of the Year)

That’s you, remember? Since the Holiday Season is upon us, and we all have better things to do than read blogs, I thought I would go ahead and shut things down for the year. And...
Copyblogger · Posted Dec 20 2006

The Mark Twain Guide to Better Blogging

If there has ever been anyone who had something brilliant to say about almost everything, it would be Mark Twain, the artist formerly known as Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Twain is kn...
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 20 2006

Pubcon Video Fom Mediadonis Marcus Tandler

My Good Friend Marcus Tandler came all the way from Germany to goto the 2006 Las Vegas Pubcon last month. Here is his video from the event. It is a MUST SEE. Featured people on...
Copyblogger · Posted Dec 18 2006

How to Write for Google

OK, enough with all my silly talk about writing for people first. Let me tell you what you really want to know… how to write to rank well in Google. Actually, I’ll just let Goo...
Copyblogger · Posted Dec 17 2006

Social Media Marketing on Blog Talk Radio

What do you get when you put five marketing-minded bloggers on the air, and let listeners in on the party? I’m not sure, but we’ll find out tomorrow night. I’ll be joining in w...
Copyblogger · Posted Dec 17 2006

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

There’s something going around, and I don’t mean the crud my kids gave me last week. It’s a mini-meme, and I’ve been tagged with it by Roberta, Jason, Neil, Chris and Joseph, so...
Copyblogger · Posted Dec 17 2006

Do You Spend $10,000 a Month on Pay Per Click Ads?

If so, you can participate in an analytics experiment that might just bring you a ton of exposure that won’t cost you by the click. Eric of Stone Temple Consulting and Jonah of A...