Shoemoney · Posted Oct 05 2005

wiforums – sucking for me so far

So I purchased this wap front end to one of my bigger forums this week. The only problem is the sucker just refuses to work with php5. The support after taking forever to respond f...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 30 2005

Brad Callen and SEO Elite

SEO Elite is a pretty incredible desktop application. The price is 179$ and allows you to use it on 2 computers. The homepage for seo elite is Yes I hate th...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 26 2005

Just do it

I took the time out the other day to talk to this guy about opening a online storefront. He right off the bat said he didnt know if he had the money to start this company. I asked...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 15 2005

TOD advertising. Analysing what the big boys are doing

One thing I find more amazing then making money from websites with contextual advertising is breaking down the market trends and inside mechanics as to why a site increased. Now...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 14 2005

Mintek 26″ LCD TV/DVD Combo makes a nice 4th monitor

The other day I was thinking of watching The Lord Of The Rings trilogy while working on some sites and setup a dvd player to my 15�? Samsung tv that I got from free flat screens do...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 13 2005

Hooters of Fairfax to sponsor Havokfest?

After reading the comments on this post here I put in a call to the Fairfax Hooters. After talking with the manager it appears as if they would like to do some sponsorship of the...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 12 2005

Kanye West marketing genius?

2 weeks ago most of you would have said Kanye who? But now you know who Kanye west is. I have known who he is because I am from the hood and listen to rap music but I am guessing t...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 12 2005

Code to rotate easily between adsense and ypn

A few webmasters have recently been talking about rotating google and yahoo ads on the same page. I wrote a VERY simple php script to do this. You just need 2 text files. One of th...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 12 2005

301 redirect the best way

A lot of us webmasters from time to time will need to redirect traffic from one domain to another. We all know the best way to do this is with a 301 redirect but what is the best w...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 11 2005

Yahoo! ads back to normal

It seems like the YPN has got there stuff back together. Game on.