Shoemoney · Posted Jan 02 2007

Episode 23 – Net Income Talks Black With SeoBlackHat QuadZilla

SeoBlackhat came on for our 23rd episode of Net Income. I think it was one of the best shows we have ever done. You can listen below or click 1. here
Shoemoney · Posted Jan 01 2007

2006 Google Analytic Statistics

2006 is my first year of blogging. Of the 415 posts on 412 of them happened in 2006 ;). Also in 2006 there were a total of 6978 approved comments and 59,557 spam com...
Shoemoney · Posted Jan 01 2007

New Black Shoemoney Shirts

So we have some new VIP ShoeMoney Shirts for Affiliate Summit. These contain no RL Spam (rl spam means real live spam like they have urls on them). I only had 200 of them printed...
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 31 2006

I Hate Gambling Money In The Stock Market

*sorry I am going to get off on a rant here* My wife has it setup that every month a huge chunk is taken out of our bank accounts and automatically goes into this brokerage accou...
Copyblogger · Posted Dec 30 2006

5 Things You Won’t See on Copyblogger in 2007

1. Linkbait. This blog is entirely about creating compelling content. In that regard, I don’t see the point of using the term link bait any longer. You’re either writing exciti...
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 29 2006

SEOBlackHat QuadZilla on Jan 2 Episode Of Net Income

That is right boys and girls QuadZilla will be my guest on this weeks epiosode of Net Income and he is going to be interviewed by none other then Time Magazine’s Person of the ye...
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 28 2006

I Know I Have All Supplemental Results

For the last 6 months or so almost all pages on have gone supplemental. I swear I think I get 1 email every other day at least letting me know that… So what does...
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 27 2006

WordPress Black Tshirt!

Today I got this package… Nice brown package and I opened it to reveal a WordPress T shirt!! Now I dont know who to thank? There was nothing in the package to indicate wh...
Copyblogger · Posted Dec 27 2006

These Bloggers Rock

I know I said we were done for the year, but it seems rather lame to leave up that “best of Copyblogger” post for a week. It kinda goes against what I preach around here, you know...
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 26 2006

How Hackers Are Using Google To Pwn Your Site

As most of you know a few months back my site was hacked. What many people dont know is that was actually the first of 2 times the box was hacked. The first time the box was hack...