Shoemoney · Posted Sep 12 2006

Looking For A Good Web 2.0 Designer

I am looking for a top notch web 2.0 designer. You can be located anywhere… I have a lot of various projects. Send me a resume with examples of your work to
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 11 2006

WordPress eBay ads plugin

This week I am going to try to write a plugin for the shoemoney eBay ad system for wordpress. We have gotten pretty good feedback so far about payouts so looking into developing i...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 11 2006

Thumbplay To Offer Ringtone Affililate Programs

I had a representative from Thumbplay call me this morning to talk to me about a new affiliate program they are launching. It sounds pretty hot. The starting tier is a 50% commissi...
Copyblogger · Posted Sep 11 2006

Don’t Sell… Teach

In the beginning, people spoke with one another directly in the local marketplace, and the merchants taught those people about the value of their wares. And as things began to be...
Copyblogger · Posted Sep 11 2006


Leave it to a Brit to say it best: New York still remains the greatest city in the world. That must really bug America-haters everywhere.  Thanks, Hugh.
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 10 2006

Google Teams Up With Ebay Cookie Stuffer

My Google Toolbar updated today and I had the option to add the button to my toolbar… ohh whats this? I can use this!! I am always mispelling words right? Lets loo...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 10 2006

Spam Contest winning number is 19,402

the winning number for the spam contest is 19,402 if someone could tell me who won that would be fantastic. I am leaving San Diego early tomorrow morning then will only be home...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 10 2006

Looking To Get Into The Search Engine Marketing Business?

Pepperjam has launched an international search to hire several people in the SEM industry. Some pretty incredible opportunities there. Positions available: Senior Search-En...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 09 2006

Fishing In San Diego

Today Shawn Hogan, Dillsmack, and I went out into the pacific trying to catch some mermaids…. instead we got some ugly ass fish pics here
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 08 2006

Traveling the world with a baby is all about the equipment

My baby is only 10 weeks old (11 weeks on friday) but she has already been to Las vegas, San Jose, and last Wednesday we arrived in San Diego. We used to travel with this enourmo...