Shoemoney · Posted Feb 12 2007

SEO Flipfloper, ShoeMoney Origin, What If I Was Broke Tomorrow & More

Geez big batch of questions this monday… Are you a SEO or not? You say you are not yet sometimes you say you are? SEO FLIPFLOPER! I just learned what SEO was about 1.5 years...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 11 2007

Hillary Clinton KFC Special

I couldn’t Resist. 2 of my favorite things.. KFC and Hillary Clinton. So a KFC in NYC has a special going… 2 fat thighs with small breasts and a left wing.
Copyblogger · Posted Feb 10 2007

Links You Can’t Live Without

Here are a few notable things from the past week’s blogging activities: Chris Garrett is offering a free 17 page report on creating flagship (or cornerstone) content for your bl...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 10 2007

What I Listen To And Watch On Television

Saturday Morning – Fox News has some good financial programs – Bulls and Bears at 9am and forbes on fox at 10am. I actually get some good tips for affiliate niches from these show...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 09 2007

Webmaster Marketplace – 1 Feed For All Webmaster Ecommerce

I do a lot of business buying and selling websites… mostly buying but I can never keep up with all the forums. One of my goals this week was to write something that parsed all the...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 09 2007

Anna Nicole Smiths Baby Daddy

Ok seriously. I have not seen a mystery like this since the whole who shot J.R. Ewing. And I am probably showing my age with that… So who do you think the father of Anna Nicole S...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 09 2007

Google Sublistings For

I have seen these on my SEO’d out large scale sites with proper css and line item menus but I was pretty surprised when I someone emailed me this today: Anyone know what cause...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 09 2007

Measuring Web Site Brand Loyalty

There is a free (from what I can tell) webinar titled – “Quantifying how Consumer Product Websites contribute to the Bottom Line” which talks about branding and the internet… this...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 09 2007

Calacanis Plays SEO People Like A Fiddle

I am just amazed at how well Jason Calacanis plays the SEO industry. For a industry that likes to call out linkbait …… wow… Calacanis just reeled in a ton of links fish Just thi...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 09 2007

Greywolf Local Search, CSM Flop, SkyRadioNet – This Weeks Interviews

Grey Wolf has been interviewing a bunch of people this week about Local Search. Today he posted my interview. Check it out here I also did a interview with Benjamin Arnoldy of t...