Copyblogger · Posted Dec 14 2006

Yaro Starak Interviews Me at Entrepreneur’s Journey

I did a podcast interview with Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur’s Journey last week. Yaro asked some great questions, to which I gave my typical rambling responses. Here’s some of wh...
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 14 2006

I Been Blog Tagged – 5 Things You Never Knew About Me

Wow I just got blog tagged by Andy Beal. Seems like a pretty cool topic… 5 things you might not have known about me.. hrmm ok here goes! I have never read a book in my life fro...
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 14 2006

Hot Chicks At Search Engine Conferences

the LORD of MARKETING has posted the Ladies of Pubcon on his blogspot. Interesting post but whats this ? OHH 2 of them have on ShoeMoney shirts WAZZZZZZZZZZZZUPPPPPPP!
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 13 2006

Net Income 11/12 Affiliate Issues

Yesterdays show was pretty interesting. My good friend Todd Mallicoat and Shawn Turner came on to talk with me about affiliate issues. Todd had solicited questions on his blog that...
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 13 2006

Update To The Flycell Commission Junction Stuff

Ok so last when we left our friends Flycell (the ringtone company) were telling everyone in this thread that they had paid all debts to Comission Junction (the affiliate partner co...
Copyblogger · Posted Dec 12 2006

21 Traffic Triggers for Social Media Marketing

What does it take to have a huge web traffic breakthrough? In order to produce a single piece of content that brings in dramatic amounts of traffic, you should aim to fulfill an...
Copyblogger · Posted Dec 12 2006

Affiliate Marketing Disclosure Now Required By Law?

I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing off and on for about 8 years, and the trend towards disclosure of affiliate links in the blogosphere has been a strange situation for me....
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 12 2006

Net Income Tonight – Todd Malicoat

Todd is going to be my guest tonight on the show and we are going to be talking affiliate stuff. If you have a question about affiliate stuff you can join the chatroom, call in liv...
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 12 2006

Video From SES Chicago Monday Night

The posse was in full effect Monday night for the pepperjam/hitwise/babyage/vintage tub and bath party. Here are the highlights. Airplane Fight Winning the Lot...
Copyblogger · Posted Dec 11 2006

Is it OK to Steal Someone’s Design?

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved thanks to the quick action of the owner of the sites in question and apologies have been made. I have no interest in creating an enduring pub...