Shoemoney · Posted May 01 2007

Amy Armitage Of LunarPages On Todays ShoeMoney Show

Amy From LunarPages webhosting will be on my show today at 5pmCST. She has some great insight into web hosting and that affiliate space also. If you have any questions for Amy you...
Copyblogger · Posted May 01 2007

I’m Locked in Mortal Combat with Chris Garrett

Daily Blog Tips is having another of its Bloggers Face-Off battles, and they’ve pitted me against former Performancing editor Chris Garrett. The contest seemed pretty fair until Ga...
Ian Fernando · Posted Apr 30 2007

Tactical Forum Marketing eBook Released

It is about time that I finally got my ebook cover design done, thanks to my graphic designer. As you can see my ebook is called Tactical Forum Marketing, its a great way of using...
Copyblogger · Posted Apr 30 2007

How to Use the Simple Power of Contrast to Become More Persuasive

Consider these factoids: Falling coconuts kill 150 people each year, which is more than die from shark attacks. You’re more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than a pois...
Shoemoney · Posted Apr 29 2007

Blogging Ethics And Success Secrets Interview

Allan Dick gave me a surprise interview at SES NYC a couple weeks ago. He asked me off the wall questions about blogging ethics and also some hard hitting questions about what make...
Ian Fernando · Posted Apr 27 2007

Adwords for Free?! My Research

As you know there is a lot of talk about Google Ads for Free. There are so many programs out there and vouchers that can give you Google Adwords for free, but they are limited. Yet...
Shoemoney · Posted Apr 27 2007

Lauren Kolodisner From Eadvertising pissed about Booth Babes

Lauren Kolodisner and I spoke and she apologized and asked me to remove her post. I rarely remove posts but she said its effecting her career and personal life.
Shoemoney · Posted Apr 27 2007

Official AdTech San Fran 2007 Booth Babe Competition

Here is your official ShoeMoney AdTech San Francisco booth babe competition. Click on the images to goto their sites. I shrunk and compressed the images so it was not too painful...
Shoemoney · Posted Apr 27 2007

AuctionAds Shows Off Its Rack

On the Official AuctionAds Blog CTO David Dellanave posted a picture of the hardware that powers AuctionAds and also some stats: For the month of April we are averaging over 60...
Ian Fernando · Posted Apr 26 2007

Affiliates Want More! Viral Profit Machine

WHOA! I just received a amazing email about a new system! If you have heard about Silient Profit Machine you know you can earn 50% comission from the products Alok promote, who cr...