Shoemoney · Posted Feb 14 2007

Prepare For Success – Peace Out MyBlogLog

I always tell people to prepare as best they can for success. In one of my favorite books Lucky or Smart?: Secrets to an Entrepreneurial Life(which I listen to on audio course caus...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 14 2007

Valentines Day SpeedBall Linking

Because I <3 you all here are some phat links: Loren has a great article over at search engine journal titled 13 Reasons Why NoFollow Tags Suck Lee Dodd has a poll for Best...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 14 2007

Ringtones Make Up 10% Of Worldwide Music Revenue

In the new issue of Playboy (page 25 bottom left) they claim “10% of the worldwide music industry revenue comes exclusively from ring-tone sales”? BTW – I read playboy for the arti...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 14 2007

O RLY Chitika ???!?!? Day 1 of 3 rantings

I don’t know if its that time of the month for me or what but I have 3 rant postings for 3 different companies over the next 3 days. You have been warned. I don’t think any regul...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 13 2007

State Of Florida Investigating Ringtone Offers

I first heard about this story from Shawn Collins affiliate blog Then shortly after there was various affiliates who claimed there house had been raided in a sting …. or made it so...
Copyblogger · Posted Feb 12 2007

Great Copy Ranges From the Specific to the Precise

The kiss of death when it comes to marketing communications is copy filled with general statements that fail to communicate anything meaningful. Non-specific copy is a red flag th...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 12 2007

SEO Flipfloper, ShoeMoney Origin, What If I Was Broke Tomorrow & More

Geez big batch of questions this monday… Are you a SEO or not? You say you are not yet sometimes you say you are? SEO FLIPFLOPER! I just learned what SEO was about 1.5 years...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 11 2007

Hillary Clinton KFC Special

I couldn’t Resist. 2 of my favorite things.. KFC and Hillary Clinton. So a KFC in NYC has a special going… 2 fat thighs with small breasts and a left wing.
Copyblogger · Posted Feb 10 2007

Links You Can’t Live Without

Here are a few notable things from the past week’s blogging activities: Chris Garrett is offering a free 17 page report on creating flagship (or cornerstone) content for your bl...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 10 2007

What I Listen To And Watch On Television

Saturday Morning – Fox News has some good financial programs – Bulls and Bears at 9am and forbes on fox at 10am. I actually get some good tips for affiliate niches from these show...