Copyblogger · Posted Apr 24 2007

Do You Have an Enemy? Here’s Why You Need to Find One

Seriously, it’s time to find a good enemy. Not sure why? Effective marketing in a low-trust world means developing a bond with your prospects through your content marketing. One...
Ian Fernando · Posted Apr 23 2007

Creating Information: First Official eBook

Whew, what a nice weekend I had, but I was in development of creating my first official eBook. But I have made several ebooks in the past, ranging from MySpace tutorials to Cellula...
Shoemoney · Posted Apr 22 2007

Had My Way With A Chocolate Fountain

My wife had a catered party on Saturday throwing a shower for a work coleague. After they left I had my way with chocolate fountain. It started with my fingers…. then before I know...
Shoemoney · Posted Apr 22 2007

If You Want To Sell Me On Your Product

I get SO turned off when I read companies fluff crap. Just last week this web hosting company cold called me (ballsy but hey whatever) and literally sold me on there service in und...
Shoemoney · Posted Apr 22 2007

Off To AdTech San Francisco

Ok I am off to Ad:Tech San Francisco. I will be pimping AuctionAds at the Text-Link-Ads Booth. Come up and say hi!
Shoemoney · Posted Apr 21 2007

What Magazines Do You Read

I got pinged by Andy Beal asking “what magazines I read” ? I read cover to cover: Playboy WiredDomainer < -- this one is new but it kicks a$$ Php Architect < -- my favor...
Shoemoney · Posted Apr 21 2007 and For Sale which Yahoo reports has over 15,000 backlinks is for sale on seobidding Now if you have never seen the site its VERY GRAPHIC adult content (although not right now) and...
Shoemoney · Posted Apr 20 2007

BootMoney Keeps It Real

I gotta say this is pretty fricking hilarious. Just go there and read his tips… awesome.
Shoemoney · Posted Apr 20 2007

Why Would You Want To Be A Guru

Digitalpoint user Burta sent me a private message on the dp forums and asked: why do guru’s become the gurus when they they can get a much greater return on their money, time an...
Copyblogger · Posted Apr 19 2007

Five Common Headline Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Writing a great headline means crafting an enticing invitation to a prospective reader. It’s not the whole story, nor is it an attempt to convince anyone to do anything other than...