Shoemoney · Posted Mar 03 2007

Working On Some New Stuff

So if the site looks weird… that is why.
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 03 2007

DigitalPoint Forums 3 Years Old This Sunday – March 4 2007

This Sunday, March 4th, 2007 marks the 3 year anniversary that Shawn Hogan decided SEO Chat was not for him and he was going to take his ball and starting his own webmaster forum....
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 02 2007

SEO Class Officially Announced

Class is in session for Non profit organizations. Michael Gray, Todd Malicoat, Greg Niland, Rae Hoffman and myself will be offering training to Non Profit organizations on March 2...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 02 2007

ShoeMoney Is Part Of The Problem – SitePoint Forums

Sitepoint forum spams their users with a “news letter” every once in a while. I have been approached by Sitepoint a few times to write articles on their site or for this newsletter...
Copyblogger · Posted Mar 01 2007

Five Steps to a Truly Unique Blog That Attracts Readers and Revenue

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. -Henry David Thoreau Now that you’ve completed the important task of figuri...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 01 2007

Hear ShoeMoney on skyradio

A few people have told me they heard me on sky radio when flying so I guess its ok to post. The interview was actually about 20 mins long but here is what they cut it down to. Cl...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 28 2007

Do You Trust Your Affililate Company?

Recently I have seen a lot of posts in forums and blogs questioning trust with their affiliate company. Be it tracking or shaving statistics. I have a simple question for you all....
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 27 2007

How The ShoeMoney Blog Started

I stumbled upon this post titled Successful Bloggers and How They Got There Start – Now I really don’t know if this was his first post but here it is – Shoemoney m...
Copyblogger · Posted Feb 27 2007

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Be a Business-Savvy Writer

One of the most annoying things to me is the way writing is devalued, both by those who can do it, and those who seek to purchase the fruits of a writer’s labor. Of course, that’s...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 27 2007

showmoney, PPC Blogs/Forums, SEO Class, Lost, and more

Few Monday Questions on Tuesday! Why do so many people call you showmoney? When a lot of foreign people see me at conferences they say showmoney I think they just pronounce...