Shoemoney · Posted Mar 12 2007

Free Ticket To The San Francisco Elite Retreat

We had a lot of fun with it last time and also got a great attendee so we decided to do it again. To enter for a chance to win free registration to the Elite Retreat, you need to...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 12 2007

ShoeMoney On RushHour Radio Show

I will be on Neil Patel and Cameron Olthuis’s show Rush Hour next week. The show is on I have turned off comments here so if you have a comment or question yo...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 12 2007

Not Going To Be At SEO Class

I got in way way to much over my head this year between the radio show, elite retreat, Seo Class plus I am already committed to speaking at 9 different conference events still in 2...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 12 2007

The 10 RSS Feeds I read

Shoe you mentioned in a recent blogger faceoff that you only read 10 RSS Feeds. Care to share with your readers? Sure, I do not really have time to read a lot of blogs or forum...
Copyblogger · Posted Mar 11 2007

Tubetorial Sold to SplashPress Media

What can I say? They made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. SplashPress Media Ltd. has acquired the assets of Tubetorial, LLC, which includes the Tubetorial website and the Cutli...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 11 2007

Shaastra SEO Contest Sponsored By Google India

How did I miss this SEO contest? Its under this companies “Google Events” and has a huge sponsored by Google logo. Does anyone know if this was legit? BTW I found this because s...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 11 2007

AuctionAds Has A Blog

Just like to note that the official AuctionAds Blog is here. That is where you will want to look for official AuctionAds news
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 11 2007

Dillsmack Gets Threatened With Lawsuit

When we were about to leave St. Louis late weds night Dillsmack got a call from some folks who evidently did not like his opinion of phoenix imaging. It also is the first time tha...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 10 2007

Dr J Wins

Ok so the pool was closed so it was a biathlon. She beat my by about 1 lap and had her 50 baskets done when I only had 35. She won. Looks like we are eating Panera for the next mon...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 09 2007

ShoeMoney Triathlon Tomorrow – March 10, 2007

My wife has challenged me to a triathlon of sorts tomorrow. The race starts by running 1 mile then going to the basketball court and making 50 shots, then going to the pool and sw...