Shoemoney · Posted May 29 2007

Full Disclosure – Assume The Position

When I see Adam Sandler pimp Popeye’s Chicken or Subway I assume he is getting paid for it. When I watch The Office, Heroes, Lost or any other tv show and see product placements...
Shoemoney · Posted May 29 2007

External Site Auditing Tools – TFS 7

A lot of times when you want to buy a site you kind of have to trust the user is giving you proper stats. Really you need to do some homework on your own. Here are some of the tool...
Copyblogger · Posted May 28 2007

The Real Secret to Getting Tons of Blog Subscribers

It’s still the question I get asked the most. Despite writing on this subject several times, and basically spilling the beans on every tip and tactic I know for converting site v...
Shoemoney · Posted May 28 2007

SMX And Affiliate Summit East Just Around The Corner

Unfortunately I am not going to be able to make the Search Marketing Expo and I am a bit pissed about it but I already had made prior plans before it was announced =(. I am sure it...
Shoemoney · Posted May 28 2007

Know Your Faults – TFS 6

Ok I will contune this series a bit more… Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Most people try to leave there weaknesses in a closet. I think your weaknesses are as important...
Shoemoney · Posted May 28 2007

Azoogle Refers, Adblockers, eBay Devcon, and Url Structure

Its been a bit since i did a Monday questions post. Sorry I got caught up. Keep them coming James Writes: Would be interesting to know how much you personally make from az re...
Shoemoney · Posted May 28 2007

Electronic Frontier Foundation Defends Bloggers Too

Recently people may have read where “someone” said they were going to sue me over some stuff I had said on this blog. Well I was presently surprised when a person from the
Shoemoney · Posted May 27 2007

Do You Want Full RSS Feeds Or Not

I always had full RSS feeds then about hmm a month or so ago after getting a bunch of complaints i switched to partial feeds. Now getting complaints about that. So tell me what y...
Shoemoney · Posted May 27 2007

Ok Full Feeds Win

Its pretty obvious people like full feeds better so full posts are in feeds again
Shoemoney · Posted May 27 2007

Lost Season Finale, UFC 71, Taking Dr J Down

Busy last couple of days few things I wanted to catch up on. 1- on friday I defeated my wife, Dr Shoemoney in our 2nd “Shoemoney biathalon” (its supposed to be a triatholon but...