Shoemoney · Posted Mar 25 2007 Worth, Rand’s SuperProposal Scandal, And Other Misc Questions

Kind of a boring Sunday so I went ahead and posted monday questions today. Shoe this site says your site ( is worth $618,240.00. I am curious what do you really f...
Copyblogger · Posted Mar 22 2007

Why the A-List Doesn’t Matter

An old familiar discussion has popped up again in the blogosphere. Every few months a debate breaks out about the blogging “A-List” and the inequities faced by those not included....
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 22 2007

Last Nights Lost Episode

How awesome was last nights Lost ? I just had gotten home from San Francisco to see it!!!!!!! It was by far IMO the best episode of the season! I dont want to give it away for t...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 22 2007

Graywolfs SEO Video Kicks Ass

Have you guys seen Graywolfs seo video? If not click here to check it. I loved it!
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 22 2007

Ecomxpo and Elite Retreat Wraps Up

Just got back late last night from the Elite Retreat and today I did the eComXpo. I will try to make a few posts tomorrow…. mostly catching up on email today
Copyblogger · Posted Mar 20 2007

How the Discovery Channel Can Help You Score Links

It’s time to bust a myth that’s been running around the Interwebs lately. There are some folks who feel that certain subject matter makes it impossible to naturally attract links...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 19 2007

Elite Retreat SanFrancisco Underway & Azoogle Check

I am on the road this week at the Elite Retreat San Francisco! Some attendee and leader post so far: A...
Copyblogger · Posted Mar 18 2007

My Contact Form Has Been Broken For Months

Don’t you just love when things like this happen? After having the nagging feeling that something was not right, I tested the form on my contact page last weekend, only to have m...
Copyblogger · Posted Mar 18 2007

Do These Headlines Work For You?

Let’s take a break from the headline remixing, and look at some of the submissions that I thought worked “as is.” Often the key to great editing is knowing when to keep your hands...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 16 2007

Ok Technorati We Cool

Today I got this elite shirt in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone knows I am a t-shirt whore: And on the back it says: Now I railed Technorati a bit a few months back when...