Copyblogger · Posted Feb 06 2006

This Article Rocks… I Guarantee It!

There you have it. You just can’t go wrong reading this article. I’ve guaranteed your satisfaction. Those are powerful words, right? But what does my guarantee really mean?...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 05 2006

Online Cash Kings Content Syndication of Jensense Calacanis and Me

I was alerted to this site here from a few readers. Evidently it is syndicating FULL posts from my blog and other online marketers like Jason Calacanis and Jensense. After looki...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 05 2006

Godaddy frustrations have hit me first hand

UPDATE: its now 4 hours after I initial was locked out and I still can not get into my godaddy account. I called them back and the godaddy representative is now saying it takes 24...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 04 2006

Php5 Boot camp wrap up

Last Sunday when I took off from Omaha I was not really sure what to expect. I have such a love hate relationship with traveling. I always dread when I have to leave but once I am...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 04 2006

Google sheep piss me off

So I am sitting on the plane from Atlanta to Chicago and this woman next to with me asks me if I work for Google. I said no and she went on to say… “Well you have a Google backpac...
Copyblogger · Posted Feb 02 2006

Long Tail Wind

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen the main theme of a business book gain such huge traction – before the book is even released – than The Long Tail by Wired editor-in-chief Chris Ande...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 02 2006

Dave Chappelle on Oprah explains mysterious leave

This was on Oprah 2/3/2006 but because I hate Oprah and work during the day I missed it. I was one of Dave Chappelle’s bigest fans and very puzzled myself when he left 50 million...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 01 2006

Is your website making what it should be?

Another year has passed and I have been doing some HEAVY number crunching. I thought I would share something I pay the most attention to but have never really blogged about. A lot...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 01 2006

Big Nerd Ranch Update

First off, I have uploaded photos Day 2 and 3 have been pretty awesome. When they say Bootcamp they are not kidding around. We have covered about every major thing with php that...
Shoemoney · Posted Feb 01 2006

How do you run Google Adsense AND Yahoo! YPN on the same page?

I guess when you are as big as the standard tos does not apply Notice adsense at the top and ypn on the right