Copyblogger · Posted May 23 2007

Is it OK to Write for Digg?

This is the first post from Digg power user Muhammad Saleem, who will be offering tips about creating content that appeals to users of social media news sites. Back in January, E...
Ian Fernando · Posted May 22 2007

Ari Galper: The Death of the Sales Letter – Webinar

Last night I was listening to Perry Marshall and Ari Galper webinar, speaking about “The Death of the Sales Letter.” This was very interesting because they state the internet is be...
Shoemoney · Posted May 22 2007

AuctionAds 10 Day Challenge

On the AuctionAds blog there is a nice post written by one of the staff writers about taking the “10 day challenge” with AuctionAds. Basically the challenge is to run AuctionAds in...
Shoemoney · Posted May 22 2007

AdSense Arbitrage Media Coverage

Well in the last 2 days since making the video I have been interviewed by 7 news publications and some radio shows. Its defiantly hit the mainstream. Now lets see if any of them...
Shoemoney · Posted May 22 2007

Pay Per Click Targeting Tools – TFS Day 2

Ok here is something juicy… When doing pay-per-click every seems to think it stops with keywords. Here is a small little trick that we have been using since it launched. What is...
Copyblogger · Posted May 22 2007

Check Out This Spam From a PR Flak

I don’t usually do things like this, but this is too delicious. Here’s an email I just received from someone named Tami Queen: Countless accounts of “PR Flaks” who have spammed...
Ian Fernando · Posted May 21 2007

SPAM at my Door Step

This weekend was a very chilly weekend, the weather here in New Jersey is very confusing. I feel like the environment here is confused on what weather to output. One day it will be...
Shoemoney · Posted May 21 2007

Heroes Season 1 Finale – meh…..

Man I was really let down by the heroes season finale.. what did you guys think? I can tell you LOST will not be a disappointment on weds!
Shoemoney · Posted May 21 2007

Perez Hilton On Geraldo At Large

Perez Hilton – (formally The “Gangsta of Gossip”) now the “Queen Of All Media” was on Geraldo at large yesterday. Cheers Perezito nice work! Perez Hilton’s site has now become the...
Shoemoney · Posted May 21 2007

You’re Only As Good As Your Team – TFS Day 1

This week I am going to work on a series called tips for success. I was going to start it monday but Neil wrote a great post about how a marketer is only as good as their programme...