Shoemoney · Posted Jan 14 2006

Whats my domain worth and how do I handle the sale?

The most common question from people in email or in person is “what is my domain name worth”. I always ask them if the have people interested or not. The answer is usually no, foll...
Shoemoney · Posted Jan 13 2006

Alexa makes right with me

A while a go I posted about Alexa where they had my site mixed up with another. I noticed yesterday that now its right. Check here if you care
Copyblogger · Posted Jan 12 2006

Going Off Road to Sell

Blogging creates relationships. From a psychological standpoint, it puts readers in the proper mood to buy. Your blog creates a positive mental frame through which people will v...
Shoemoney · Posted Jan 10 2006

Made a entry on another seo contest

I dont know where I been but there is a contest to rank #1 for Redscowl Bluesingsky so I decided to make a page for it. Its just a default wordpress 2.0. Will be interesting to see...
Shoemoney · Posted Jan 10 2006

James McCalla loses 11 billion dollar lawsuit

I have been following this case pretty close because I used this company CIS internet Services when I lived in Des Moines, Iowa. I was pretty amazed today to see they have been awa...
Copyblogger · Posted Jan 10 2006

Create the Perfect Buying Environment

People hate to be sold. But they love to buy. Yes, they want to buy from you. Really! If a visitor stops by your blog with a relevant want or a need, they’re looking to you t...
Shoemoney · Posted Jan 09 2006

$10,000.00 Google Challenge Issued

Do you understand Google’s algorithm? Think your good at SEO (Search engine optimization) ?  John Scott of V7n has issued a challenge to the best of the best to rank #1 for a ran...
Copyblogger · Posted Jan 09 2006


Mention the word “selling” in the context of a blog, and some people will immediately have a bad reaction. It’s almost as if you said something sacrilegious. Why? Because we ha...
Shoemoney · Posted Jan 08 2006

My Internet Search Engine Marketing Niche for 2006

My search engine marketing pick for 2006 is religion. Everyone knows the Davinci Code is coming out but i have a good feeling this movie called “The Beast” is going to be a huge...
Shoemoney · Posted Jan 07 2006

Lucky or smart?

I had a person email me the other day and ask if I was lucky or smart. I get asked that a lot. Usually by people who never actually have observed me work. They know I work from hom...