Copyblogger · Posted Jul 26 2007

Fight Copywriting Flab: How to Tone Your Writing Muscles

My flabby, jelly-like gut is not, as it might first appear, due to an excess of cake and beer. It is in fact due to a simple and chronic lack of exercise. What was once washboard...
Ian Fernando · Posted Jul 26 2007

Blog StartUp: Adword Campaign for Traffic

Couple days ago I wrote an intro to Google Adwords, which explains the benefits of using Adwords for either affiliate marketing or generating traffic for any website or blog. In th...
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 25 2007

Any Lawyers Or People Who Have Good Knowledge Of Internet Legal Issues?

I get a lot of legal questions from time to time and would like to share the questions and answers to them with readers. I am trying to assemble a list of legal people to query whe...
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 25 2007

Aol Affiliate Killer, Just do it, and more shoemoney show 7-24-2007

Ok the show is now officially called the shoemoney show with a whole new intro and all. I did not have a guest and at times the show sucks but I wanted to do a live show cause its...
Ian Fernando · Posted Jul 25 2007

Blog StartUp: Traffic by Keywords

I know a lot of you are probably thinking when is Ian going to talk about traffic. Traffic is the key to success. I want to know about traffic and how to grab them. What are Ian’s...
Copyblogger · Posted Jul 24 2007

Are You a Courageous Blogger?

What does it take to be a leader in your niche? Courage. You need the courage to alienate the wrong people in order to resonate with the right people. You need to stick to your...
Copyblogger · Posted Jul 24 2007

Landing Page Makeover Clinic #2:

Our first makeover focused on the high visibility SEO-focused site, Rand was looking to generate paid subscriptions from “cold” prospects, visitors who generally didn’t...
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 24 2007

Checking In On 2007 Goals

So last year I posted my Goals for 2007: increase company profits by 25% 300+ Google Coop subscribers and I am not doing anything with it. Need to integrate Google Coop more...
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 24 2007

Brian Mark SEO 101 Podcasts

Brian Mark – Long time SES speaker has been doing some really great podcasts over at . I have added there feed into my itunes podcasts. Good Job Brian!
Ian Fernando · Posted Jul 24 2007

Google eLert Gadget: eMail Marketing Dieing?

I found an article about the death of email marketing, and since I do a lot of email marketing I was interested on what this specific one has to say. I have read a lot about the de...