Shoemoney · Posted Sep 07 2005

Yahoo Publisher Network First Month

I have loved Google adsense and have been a adsense publisher for 18 months now but when I was accepted to participate in the Yahoo Publisher Network August first I thought I would...
Shoemoney · Posted Sep 01 2005

Ses Seo Fashion & Marketing Analysis From the SES

A lot of people have written asking about if I thought the conference in San Jose was worth it and what companies I was impressed with and so fourth. I thought I would break down w...
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 28 2005

Googleninja no more

I was looking over the logs for and the uniques per day are now averaging over 250/day. I am going to move this blog over to Redirects will be in pl...
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 19 2005

Google yo-yo’s, keychains and other stuff from SES

So the SES was a good time. I learned a lot. I also scored some free stuff. Apparel wise I got 3 msn shirts, 2 google shirts, 2 urchin, then 1 apiece of ask, best of the web...
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 14 2005

Google Patent Files SES session 1 day 1

This was the first session I attended at the SES. In San Jose California. Just incase any of you are n00bs like me and not sure how this conference is setup works there is a pane...
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 12 2005

How I started my business

How I got started with my successful business. I say successful business because I have been trying to run my own business since 1994 when I founded a company called Netassasin....
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 04 2005

Why am I going to the SES 2005 conferences in San Jose California?

Many people seem to think that just because I am a premium adsense publisher and do pretty well financially in this business that it’s just a waste of money. The bottom line is...
Shoemoney · Posted May 14 2005

5 Ways To Generate Revenue For Your Website

Subscriptions – This is what I feel is my stable income and so I try to keep focused on providing a service people want and need I have many sites which offer subscriptions and alm...
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 06 2004

So I met Paris Hilton

I was leaving my room at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada jabbing on my phone like crazy with this dude that I was trying to buy his website when my wife started making all these...
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 02 2004

Hello world!

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