Shoemoney · Posted Jun 21 2007

my wordpress is jacked up

seriously its so messed. I see the feed is broke. When I get back from vacation i will look into it. EDIT: yay dave fixed it
Shoemoney · Posted Jun 21 2007

3 Things Before Launching A Website – TFS 20

Often I talk about being action oriented and just doing stuff. Well just doing stuff has taught me some interesting stuff. Now before I launch a website it really HAS to contain th...
Copyblogger · Posted Jun 21 2007

Tips and Strategies for More Effective Blogging

I was on the Blogging and Beyond show with The Blog Squad, Patsi Krakoff, Psy. D., and Denise Wakeman yesterday evening discussing blogging for business. Click here to listen to th...
Shoemoney · Posted Jun 20 2007

What You Can Learn From Strippers

Brent From wisecamel wrote a great post titled 10 Sales and Marketing Tips I learned from Strippers Great points and sweet linkbait.
Ian Fernando · Posted Jun 20 2007

Content is King Which Equals Cha Ching

Browsing, I found a great post on content and I decided to share it. It is a video by Joel Comm about what kind of content should be written. This is a well put vid...
Ian Fernando · Posted Jun 20 2007

I am in NEED of RSS Subscribers

As we approach web 2.0 we need to attack readers and users to make their life simple. Readers do not want to always go to your web page especially if its nothing they do not find a...
Shoemoney · Posted Jun 20 2007

Google Arbitrage/MFA, Devcon, & Tips For Startup Sites – Net Income 6-19-2007

On last nights episodes of net income I was 1. All By Myself      =( But no fear I made it work (I think). I talked a bit about all the latest hype with Google supposed...
Shoemoney · Posted Jun 19 2007

Business 2.0 Top 50 People Who Matter Now

Business 2.0 has published there list of the top 50 people who matter right now. On the list there are a lot of names I like and respect: Michael Arrington – Techcrunch creator...
Ian Fernando · Posted Jun 19 2007

TLC: How to Make Millions | Internet Entrepreneurs

I just finished watching, How to to Make Millions on TLC. The show opened up with 2 students that want to start their own business. It is funny watching them struggle when it seeme...
Ian Fernando · Posted Jun 19 2007

Don’t Procrastinate too Long

I was sitting at my home yesterday trying to think of an article for tomorrow, when I kept telling myself I will think of it later after this TV show. Thirty minutes pass by and an...