Shoemoney · Posted Aug 20 2007

Making Money On the Web is Easy, Making it Last Isn’t

this guest post was removed after it was found pretty much word for word in a book =(. I dunno why guest posters think they can do that and nobody will notice =(
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 20 2007

Taking Risks And Making Money

This is a guest post by Ryan Stewart No matter what anyone says, online business is not about the keywords, tags, web 2.0, products, or user generated content. It’s not about...
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 20 2007

Good News And Bad News

So when I got to the Lincoln airport the flight was delayed like 1 hour…. so we finally took off and I landed in Denver leaving me about 15 mins to make my connection. Shoemoney A....
Jason Akatiff · Posted Aug 20 2007

How To make a Script to check your Affiliate Landing Page is UP!!!!

It’s midnight on Tuesday and all of a sudden the offer you were promoting isn’t working anymore! Have you ever had this happen to you? There’s nothing worse then paying for click...
Copyblogger · Posted Aug 19 2007

A Call to Action Worthy of Response

I’m happy to announce Copyblogger’s participation in Blog Action Day, an initiative dreamed up by Leo, Collis and Cyan Ta’eed. Here’s the scoop: The goal is to bring the blogging...
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 19 2007

Google Maps Now Has User Feedback

I dunno when they started with this but today I was search for my favorite local place to eat and I got this: I left them a rating and a review of course Which you can se...
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 19 2007

See You In San Jose

I love the San Jose SES Conference. It was only 3 years ago that this was the first conference I attended and it changed my life. I am still putting together my cheat sheat and h...
Ian Fernando · Posted Aug 19 2007

Death of TV: Joel Comm’s Next Internet Millionaire

As you probably have heard Joel Comm tok a huge step into making the first internet reality show online! He wants to find the next entrepreneur he would like to joint venture with....
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 18 2007

wikipedia is wikidy wikidy wikidy whack!

Rand Fishkin demonstrates how to exploit Googles love for Wikipedia and knock someone you don’t like down a bit. I dig this new, GQ, not afraid to show he dabbles in the dark art...
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 18 2007

Meeting Ken Shamrock And Houston Alexander

Went to Max Muscle today in Lincoln Nebraska where they had 2 UFC fighters – UFC hall of famer – Ken Shamrock and Omaha’s own Houston Alexander (who made Keith Jardine his bitch a...