Shoemoney · Posted Nov 29 2006

Prepare To Be Robbed On The Internet

Recently a guy started a post over here saying he was holding a logo contest and offering 60$ as the prize. There were many people submitting some really nice logos and I was stunn...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 28 2006

Neil Patel On Tomorrows Net Income

On the 11-28-2006 episode of Net Income my guest will be Neil Patel. Neil is the CTO of Advantage Consulting Services and is quickly making a name in the internet marketing world w...
Copyblogger · Posted Nov 28 2006

The Smart Way to Create a Sense of Urgency

One of the fundamental characteristics of a human being is a tendency towards procrastination. And when it comes to reaching for our wallets and buying something, that tendency t...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 27 2006

301ing Typing Traffic Domains

DaveN was first to spot this little tidbit… owns tons of domains they are redirecting to their other domains. They even have them on a domain
Copyblogger · Posted Nov 27 2006

The Five Essential Elements of an Influential Blog

What makes a blog influential? Influence is often attributed to traffic and readership levels. But in reality, those are actually benefits that are symptomatic of something that...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 27 2006

Its Cyber Monday Baby!! How Are Your Sales?

Yay its Cyber Monday again! What is Cyber Monday? Its the biggest online shopping day of the year. (The first working day after thanksgiving). Shopping is definitely up this yea...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 26 2006

ShoeMoneyAds eBay Ads With New Features

Last Week in Las Vegas we met with some eBay people and ran a few things by them that are some features that users have been requesting and some other stuff we wanted to do for a b...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 25 2006

End Of 2006 Conference Schedule

Between conferences and holidays my blogging is probably going to come to a very slow pace in the next 6 weeks. Here is my conference schedule: Ses Chicago IL, December 4-7 2006...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 25 2006

UkGimp Interview Posted

I did a interview late last night with UkGimp. Its already posted here. Thanks Gimpy. UkGimp has a very nice looking blog over there check it out
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 23 2006

Our Private Table At Binions

Thanks Brent for posting this video! Its us playing poker at Binions Casino in Las Vegas. It was just a friendly game I think at most there were a few thousand in chips in play on...