Copyblogger · Posted Jan 16 2006

Don’t Read This or the Kitty Gets It!

Poor Fluffy. I asked you not to do this, and you’ve gone and broken the rules. Things don’t look good for this cute little kitten I’ve taken hostage in case my demands were not...
Shoemoney · Posted Jan 14 2006

Whats my domain worth and how do I handle the sale?

The most common question from people in email or in person is “what is my domain name worth”. I always ask them if the have people interested or not. The answer is usually no, foll...
Shoemoney · Posted Jan 13 2006

Alexa makes right with me

A while a go I posted about Alexa where they had my site mixed up with another. I noticed yesterday that now its right. Check here if you care
Copyblogger · Posted Jan 12 2006

Going Off Road to Sell

Blogging creates relationships. From a psychological standpoint, it puts readers in the proper mood to buy. Your blog creates a positive mental frame through which people will v...
Shoemoney · Posted Jan 10 2006

Made a entry on another seo contest

I dont know where I been but there is a contest to rank #1 for Redscowl Bluesingsky so I decided to make a page for it. Its just a default wordpress 2.0. Will be interesting to see...
Shoemoney · Posted Jan 10 2006

James McCalla loses 11 billion dollar lawsuit

I have been following this case pretty close because I used this company CIS internet Services when I lived in Des Moines, Iowa. I was pretty amazed today to see they have been awa...
Copyblogger · Posted Jan 10 2006

Create the Perfect Buying Environment

People hate to be sold. But they love to buy. Yes, they want to buy from you. Really! If a visitor stops by your blog with a relevant want or a need, they’re looking to you t...
Shoemoney · Posted Jan 09 2006

$10,000.00 Google Challenge Issued

Do you understand Google’s algorithm? Think your good at SEO (Search engine optimization) ?  John Scott of V7n has issued a challenge to the best of the best to rank #1 for a ran...
Copyblogger · Posted Jan 09 2006


Mention the word “selling” in the context of a blog, and some people will immediately have a bad reaction. It’s almost as if you said something sacrilegious. Why? Because we ha...
Shoemoney · Posted Jan 08 2006

My Internet Search Engine Marketing Niche for 2006

My search engine marketing pick for 2006 is religion. Everyone knows the Davinci Code is coming out but i have a good feeling this movie called “The Beast” is going to be a huge...