Copyblogger · Posted Jul 02 2007

The Sexy Side of Online Content: Text Formatting

OK, so maybe it’s not that sexy. But it’s more important than you might think, and it can definitely make your content more appealing. In fact, formatting your content can be jus...
Ian Fernando · Posted Jul 02 2007

Boosting Traffic with Alexa and StumbleUpon

Of course there are so many ways to get traffic, but lately bloggers are all on this “Stumble Me and I will Stumble You!” This is because StumbleUpon can guarantee you unforecasted...
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 01 2007

ShoeMoney By Email Through Feedburner

Did you know you can get shoemoney blog posts through email? Its really easy just click this link put in your email confirm it and whola. Now you just get a email with the posts...
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 01 2007

The Cramer Report – Free Shirt Friday

Last week I received not 1, not 2, but 3 shirts from The Cramer Report website. If you haven’t guessed the site is the “unofficial” blog for Jim Cramer’s Mad Money television show....
Ian Fernando · Posted Jul 01 2007

Ian’s First Blog Contest

I have been reading on how to get more traffic to my blog. One interesting part is creating a blog contest. So I have decided to create one and see the effects of the traffic. I fi...
Copyblogger · Posted Jun 30 2007

Saturday Night Link Fever

Since we’re apparently in the mood for grammar, check out Daily Writing Tips for more nuts and bolts guidance for writers. How to Use StumbleUpon to Promote. Roberta shows you...
Shoemoney · Posted Jun 29 2007

Win A PS3 From Dillsmack

Dave is having a contest for a Playstation 3 he bought way back when they were crazy expensive on craigslist. Basically you send him 1$ in paypal and you get 1 raffle ticket. W...
Shoemoney · Posted Jun 29 2007

I Am Not Feeling The iPhone

I am just not feeling the iPhone. I know I know… its the greatest thing ever… I do think it looks very cool and hip but functionality wise… which unfortunately using it for bus...
Shoemoney · Posted Jun 29 2007

Threadwatch Shuts Down Today

The iphone launches and threadwatch shuts down… what a friday…. You can see owner Aaron Walls announcement here. Best of luck to everyone over there.
Shoemoney · Posted Jun 29 2007

40k Per Year Blog Shares Earning Secrets

Big L (Loren Baker) has a great article profiling a blogger earning 40k per year on his Diabetes blogthrough various monetization methods. In a world where everyone wants to keep...