Shoemoney · Posted Dec 12 2007

What Internet Marketers can learn from U.S. v. Adteractive

This is a guest post by Rob Berkowitz When you generate leads by offering free gifts, the gifts had better be free. That’s the lesson that Internet marketers can learn from Unit...
Copyblogger · Posted Dec 12 2007

Master Your Muse and Multiply Your Blogging Effectiveness

Silence. It’s frightening for a writer. Not real silence, of course, but the eerie quiet inside your head, the mysterious absence of words. You think and think and think, but i...
Ian Fernando · Posted Dec 11 2007

GeoTargeting – Take a Second Look at Your Traffic

Mark from has posted a great post and video on Geo Targeting and how most bloggers or writers do not talk about them. Now and currently Mark is creating a great program ca...
Ian Fernando · Posted Dec 11 2007

I Actually Learned Something in a Meeting: The 4 P’s

So I got out of a meeting, yes I still work …sighs… But the meeting proved to be a very good meeting because out of the ordinary meetings I was actually interested and some what...
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 11 2007

Become a Shoeperstar!

Whats up shoeperstar?!? Interested in going to the SXSW conference in Austin, TX? Having all expenses paid (flight,hotel,conference pass) plus $1,000.00 spending money?...
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 11 2007

Ringtones Aren’t the Biggest Scam Anymore

The past month it seems, there are more and more companies settling with various government agencies. Adteractive just settled for $650,000 with the FTC for promotion of other “...
Copyblogger · Posted Dec 11 2007

Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2007

Michael Stelzner of Writing White Papers has announced the winners of his second-annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers. I’m honored to say that Copyblogger came out on top for a second y...
Copyblogger · Posted Dec 11 2007

Offers That Improve Terms, Add Services, and Make Bribes

This is the third installment of the 58 of the World’s Greatest Offers series from Dean Rieck. We’ve already looked at some classic response-boosting offers along with offers tha...
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 10 2007

1000 posts

its amazing this site has 1000 posts… this is actually 1001 Blog Stats: There are currently 1,000 posts and 36,760 comments, contained within 196 categories and 7 tags.
Shoemoney · Posted Dec 10 2007

Webmasterworld Pubcon 2007 las vegas recap

Quick recap. Monday Flew in… took it easy. Played some stupid texas holdem table game… lost like $400 in an hour.. then went over to the poker room at the Wynn and won that bac...