Copyblogger · Posted Nov 08 2007

Five Easy Steps to Editing Your Own Work

In a perfect world, you’d never have to edit your own work, but well, you know the drill. The world’s not perfect, life’s not fair, yada yada. So spend a little time now or a lot o...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 07 2007

Charles Trippy VS Jaime Luchuck NIM Final Episode?

In the last episode of the the Next Internet Millionaire you saw Thor Schrock was eliminated. So who did Joel choose as the winner of the $25,000 cash prize and chance to do a Jo...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 07 2007

Organic Search VS Pay Per Click

I recently was interviewed by Web Pro News about both organic (SEO) and pay per click advertising.
Ian Fernando · Posted Nov 07 2007

Next Internet Millionaire: 2 JV Winners

Damn it! Both are winners, but not quite. This episode took a spin on things because I was expecting a winner but there is one more episode left! I was very disappointed when I hea...
Ian Fernando · Posted Nov 07 2007

Yahoo Publisher Network Alternative to Adsense?

Last night I have decided to start implementing my YPN (Yahoo Publisher Network) ads on my blog. I applied when they have first came been released to the public and I was denied be...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 06 2007

Smart Ways To Monetize Your Blog

I am leaving soon for the Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas. I love going to new conferences that I have never been to before. Plus this is the first every Blogworld Expo so even that...
Ian Fernando · Posted Nov 06 2007

Using Forums for Last Minute Projects

As you may have recalled I have had a bad experience with Elance with my delayed project/request. Recently I have been getting issues with banner arrangements and logos designed as...
Ian Fernando · Posted Nov 06 2007

Looking for Tech Bloggers: Facelifting a Blog

Currently before the holiday season I have been working on a or re inventing my technology blog. The reason I have been doing this is because I am in several beta test projects, ma...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 05 2007

Dick Masterson On Dr Phil

You might remember on free shirt Friday a while back I was sent a shirt from Dick Masterson of Men Are Better Than Woman. He emailed me today to tell that he is going to be on tom...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 05 2007

Google’s Cell Phone Strategy

Photoshop ninjary by BigDave. As predicted on this site less then 1 week ago on this blog….. Google will not be making a “G-Phone” instead they will be contributing to the op...