Copyblogger · Posted Jul 24 2007

Landing Page Makeover Clinic #2:

Our first makeover focused on the high visibility SEO-focused site, Rand was looking to generate paid subscriptions from “cold” prospects, visitors who generally didn’t...
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 24 2007

Checking In On 2007 Goals

So last year I posted my Goals for 2007: increase company profits by 25% 300+ Google Coop subscribers and I am not doing anything with it. Need to integrate Google Coop more...
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 24 2007

Brian Mark SEO 101 Podcasts

Brian Mark – Long time SES speaker has been doing some really great podcasts over at . I have added there feed into my itunes podcasts. Good Job Brian!
Ian Fernando · Posted Jul 24 2007

Google eLert Gadget: eMail Marketing Dieing?

I found an article about the death of email marketing, and since I do a lot of email marketing I was interested on what this specific one has to say. I have read a lot about the de...
Ian Fernando · Posted Jul 24 2007

Blog StartUp: Content Creation 3 Strategies Used

We have talked about receiving and creating the proper domain name and how to organize the look and feel of your website. Now the main thing to concentrate on now is traffic. Traff...
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 23 2007

Rubiks Cube Solve – Unofficial AuctionAds Sponsorship

Luke aka Stickycarrots put up this site and it was pretty cool to see the video posted below. As we soar past 25,000 publishers this week it still amazes me how huge AuctionAds has...
Ian Fernando · Posted Jul 23 2007

My Ad was Seen: Intro to Adwords

Today, I saw one of my Google Adwords. It helps promote my blog. It is very rare to actually see your Google Adwords on websites or blogs, but I saw mine today! The screenshot is b...
Shoemoney · Posted Jul 23 2007

Skitch is the bomb

If you want a easy screenshot capture thingie, photo editor and hosting service look at Skitch. I frickin LOVE IT. Its Mac only but since only smart people read you...
Ian Fernando · Posted Jul 23 2007

Blog StartUp: Template Organization

This weekend was very busy; I have been working hard on the new design and its layout/structure. I was going to post about it on Saturday, but I wanted to release my new blog by th...
Copyblogger · Posted Jul 22 2007

Get Anyone to Read Every Word You Write With These 7 Steps

Here’s the secret to successful writing according to Stephen King: Take out the bad parts. While those 5 words sum it up perfectly, some people don’t really get what concise wr...