Copyblogger · Posted Oct 08 2006

The Fight Club Guide to Successful Online Marketing

Stories sell, there’s no doubt about it. But they don’t sell because they tell people what to do. It’s what a story allows people to tell themselves that makes it a powerful...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 06 2006

Google To Acquire You-Tube for 1+ Billion

UPDATE Ok Everyone and there mom is now reporting what we said this morning but I was just told the final deal on the table is for 2.1 Billion for YouTube to take it or leave it....
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 06 2006

Have You Seen The Future of Googles Search Engine

Several weeks ago some people stubled apon this site called SearchMash. After doing some research on the search engine they noticed it was a google owned ip address. Soon after Goo...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 06 2006

My Interesting Google Experience

After doing a lot of log analysis I noticed that one site was sending me a ton of traffic that was converting for ringtones. I then did a site target on that site and was pretty mu...
Copyblogger · Posted Oct 06 2006

Five of Your Headlines… Remixed

Late last week I asked you fine folks to submit posts that you wanted me to take a look at to see if I could improve on the headline a bit. I ended up with more than 60 submission...
Copyblogger · Posted Oct 06 2006

Do You Love Viral Marketing?

Do you? Do you know what the secret to viral marketing is? It’s participation. How a Headline Can Be Link Bait for Bloggers Who Love Viral Marketing. Have a good weekend....
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 05 2006

Linda Buquet – 5staraffiliates – Episode 16 Net Income

On the October 3rd edition of the Episode………. Announcements: I am speaking at affiliate summit west in las vegas. Shawn Collins (host of affiliate summit) to be the guest n...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 05 2006

Google Dumps Supplimental Results

About 20 mins ago I noticed one of my sites that went supplimental now only has about 4,000 indexed pages where it did have about 500,000 but tons of supps. Looks like Google is...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 05 2006

Lost Kicked Ass Last Night

Who all saw Lost last night whats up ? I fricking love the Henry Gayle “Ben” character he TOTALLY NAILS that part. From the beginning of the episode I was glued to the TV. I think...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 05 2006

Best Of The Webs HDTV Promotion

Everybody’s favorite web directory is now offering 15% off on all directory submissions and also a chance to win a fat Plasma HDTV: Check out the details Here