Copyblogger · Posted Aug 22 2008

How to Profit From Testimonials… Even With No Testimonials!

So far in this series, we’ve discussed why testimonials are so powerful, how to collect testimonials with my “SPURF” system, and 10 ways to make your testimonials work harder. Bu...
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 22 2008

Were You Dumped By The eBay Partner Network

On August 20th eBay evidently eBay dumped a ton of affilaites from their partner network.  I have atleast 50 emails asking me what is going on with it. Here is the state of my re...
Ian Fernando · Posted Aug 22 2008

Happy BDAY Unique Blog Design!

My friend Nate recently has a contest going on and I would like to extend the prizes to my readers. His booming business Unique Blog Design is having a nice contest to celebrate. U...
Copyblogger · Posted Aug 21 2008

What’s a Content King Without a Kingdom?

Is content king? To me, that seems like a silly question. “Content is king” is a metaphor, but apparently not a very good one. A good metaphor creates instant understanding. Gi...
Ian Fernando · Posted Aug 21 2008

Competing with my SEO Keywords with PPC

I noticed something in the past 2 days. Keywords that are being generated via a website and an offer that relates to those keywords, which I am currently running. As you know keywo...
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 21 2008

Interview With BOTW President Greg Hartnett

Was able to get a good quick interview with Greg Hartnett of Best Of The Web during SES San Jose. Sorry the sound is so low but the best of the web booth is always so busy .
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 21 2008

Germanys Greatest SEO Raps With ShoeMoney – Literally

I beatbox and he raps… and I have no clue what he is saying. Hopefully nothing about my mother. I am pretty out of practice but about 1 min in I bust out a old school deck the h...
Shoemoney · Posted Aug 21 2008

The Last Google Dance

I am always stunned at the amount of food/beer and activities Google puts on for the their employees and attendees of the SES San Jose conference. I had been hearing rumors that...
Ian Fernando · Posted Aug 21 2008

PhotoBucket Might Empty Me Out

After my workout this morning and reading my RSS, I look over to my email and see this email from PhotoBucket. Now I use photobucket for my image hosting. When I was on a shared ho...
Copyblogger · Posted Aug 20 2008

BlogWorld 2008 (The Secret Discount Code is…)

It’s almost time for the 2008 BlogWorld & New Media Expo. And yes, I will actually make it this year. Really. BlogWorld is happening September 20-21 (Executive and Entrepre...