Shoemoney · Posted Nov 20 2008

If Apple Had A Search Engine

it would look like SearchMe. This week searchme launched their iPhone search application which looks pretty sweet. Check out the vid: If I had a iPhone I would use it
Ian Fernando · Posted Nov 20 2008

Rotate Offers Base on Performance

In the affiliate marketing industry there are a lot of networks promoting similar types of offers. For example ringtones, ringtones are very popular but what offer from what networ...
Copyblogger · Posted Nov 20 2008

The Ramen Noodle Attraction Factor for Easily-Digestable Content

Most of us don’t realize the attraction power of two-minute Ramen noodles. So let me explain… You’re hungry. You boil some water while you desperately tear open the packet....
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 19 2008

InLinks From Text Link Ads – Now Google Compliant?

MediaWhiz today launched Inlinks. Its basically Text-Link-Ads 2.0. On the Advertiser’s – sites looking to pickup links to their product can specify keywords and anchor text th...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 19 2008

Does Google REALLY Want To Go Down This FTC Route

Every time paid links is brought up Matt Cutts brings up the FTC’s “suggestions” on bloggers disclosing things they have been compensated for. In no where in these “suggestions” d...
Ian Fernando · Posted Nov 19 2008

PPV: MediaTraffic’s Conversions

I have been playing around with PPV lately and I am pleased with the traffic and conversion rates. I honestly wasted around $200 to test a bunch of offers to see what works and wha...
AMNavigator · Posted Nov 18 2008

One Year Anniversary of My Blog

It has been exactly 1 year since I have made my very first blog post. I have certainly learned a lot in the process, and hope that my readers have found my posts of use as well....
Ian Fernando · Posted Nov 18 2008

Elite Retreat and Turbo Continuity

I have been meaning to post these 2 topics a while a go but with multiple projects I am currently doing, I figured I would just mash these up together and recommend both. Jeremy...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 18 2008

Post Dip Strategys

In the book The Dip Seth talks about how superstars lean into the dip.   They almost use the dip as an advantage.  Also when superstars come out of the dip and master their craft t...
Shoemoney · Posted Nov 18 2008

Zipfs Law

In the book “The Dip” Seth Godin talks about Zipfs Law. In my search for more on this I came across many typos of this as Zifs law, Ziffs law, etc… Anyway Harvard linguistic pro...