Copyblogger · Posted Mar 15 2006

Available for a Limited Time Only

What made the 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card worth $1.1 million at auction? Why were people willing to pay to get an invitation for a free email account from Google? How come...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 14 2006

DMCA – What does it mean for webmasters?

EDIT – This is now syndicated on Google Video for those having issues with quicktime – althogh its bad quality =( I was recently served a DMCA letter by a company claiming I was...
Copyblogger · Posted Mar 13 2006

The Secret Code Word is “Buffalo”

You’re not likely to see me talk about television commercials very much here, especially from fast-food chicken joints. But Kentucky Fried Chicken has done some interesting things...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 11 2006

First Blogcast

**WARNING I DROP A SWEAR WORD *** Well here is my first blogcast. Please tell me what you think. I have a lot to say but I hate to write so thinking about just doing blogcasts… a...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 10 2006

300GB SATA Hard Drive for 99$ shipped

When I woke up this morning 2-3 people had emailed that outpost had these drives for 99$. I know Maxtor may not have the best name in hard drives but for 99$ for 300gb I was down....
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 10 2006

isight live money cam

UPDATE: I rewrote the display code to use AJAX instead of iframes and it looks much better now I bought one of those neat isight thingies from apple and wrote a little applicati...
Copyblogger · Posted Mar 10 2006

You Like Me . . . You Really, Really Like Me!

At the 1985 Academy Awards, actress Sally Field won Best Actress for Places in the Heart, after having won the same award in 1980 for Norma Rae. She never actually said the exact...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 09 2006

Most Expensive Digg Affect

After being dugg the site is on a $100,000 fund raiser to buy new servers partly due to the last digg affect. read more | digg story
Copyblogger · Posted Mar 09 2006

Performancing Metrics

One of the key elements of writing to sell is testing various elements of a promotion to see if you can improve your conversion rate — the number of visitors who become paying clie...
Copyblogger · Posted Mar 09 2006

Two More Attention Strategies

Since I’ve noticed a fair amount of interest in blogging publicity strategies, here’s a couple more to study. First up is The $39 Experiment: Asking Random Companies for Stuff....