Shoemoney · Posted Mar 17 2008

eBay Affiliate Program FINALLY Drops the CJ Dead Weight

When we won eBay’s developer of the year award for 2007 (last year) for AuctionAds at the eBay Live! / Developers conference we were given the opportunity to have lunch with Presid...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 17 2008

Elite Retreat 2008 Officially Sold Out

The Elite Retreat 2008 is officially sold out. I think is a good example of never giving up on something. I would not say it failed the first time but the 2nd and 3rd (we actuall...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 17 2008

Winning The Webs Contest Has Tons Of Prizes

I am a pretty big fan of contests and competitions and last week when I saw this Winning The Web contest I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon. I donated a new iPod Touch to the c...
Ian Fernando · Posted Mar 17 2008

eBay Dropping Now What Build a Niche Store?

So I received some emails about eBay dropping and eBay creating their own in house affiliate system. Now, this sucks because what does this mean to all those software develo...
Ian Fernando · Posted Mar 17 2008

Why is ClickBank the Most Talked about Network?

When I started with affiliate marketing there was so much hype about ClickBank and their affiliate network. I remember back in the days I was promoting and all into ClickBank and t...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 15 2008
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 14 2008

Last Weeks Lost eps

Just watched last weeks Lost eps. Thought it was kind of weak. A bit sappy. So now we know who the oceanic six are.
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 14 2008

New Incredible Hulk Movie

How awesome does this look! Ed Norton rocks!
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 14 2008

Bodog Fight – Free Shirt Friday

The guys at Bodog Fight which many of you might not know, have their own MMA League which is doing really well. The website has exclusive MMA matches, some have never been shown b...
Ian Fernando · Posted Mar 14 2008

Creativity is Free – Just THINK!

Going to one of my favorite blogs,, I noticed new banners. I then noticed right away all the ads are the same with all different affiliate links on them. Now this brings u...