Shoemoney · Posted Oct 02 2007

vBulletin Blogs

A while back… like a year or so ago my friend Shawn Hogan pinged me and showed me the Alpha version of Vbulletin blogs which like a concept version at the time. Now vBulletin Blog...
Ian Fernando · Posted Oct 02 2007

Russell Brunson’s Internet Marketing Myth Report

You have been hearing all these great things about internet marketing. How it opens up new doors for financial freedom for us all. Russell Brunson has created a nice little report...
Ian Fernando · Posted Oct 02 2007

Interview: Jof Arnold is One of My BlogFriends

Sharing and getting more exposure for your blog is very important. You want readers to read what you have to say. Well I enjoy a specific blog widget for Facebook. The reason for t...
Jason Akatiff · Posted Oct 02 2007

More Advanced Click & Keyword to DirectTrack System Conversion Tracking

If you’re in a highly competitive niche where pay-per-click, clicks cost 2-10$ per click you need to do everything you can to improve the conversion ratio’s of those highly expensi...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 01 2007

ShoeMoney > Britney Spears

Funny linkbait. Im hooked.
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 01 2007

Harder Then Picking Up Strippers In A Strip Club

Thats about how hard it is to make money online with a blog about making money online… I mean I know its the cool thing to do now and stuff but I will be honest with you… if this...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 01 2007

John Chow VS ShoeMoney – Rss Subscription Challenge

About 3 weeks ago I challenged John Chow to a marketing challenge of who could get more subscribers in the month of October. I love marketing challenges and I KNOW John will be a...
Ian Fernando · Posted Oct 01 2007

Starting a Blog? Go Pack for Vacation First

Starting my vacation I had to pack and get ready for my flight to Panama City. I was staying at Panama for 7 days. So I packed comfortably for my vacation. This sounds familiar, st...
Copyblogger · Posted Oct 01 2007

Writing for the Social Media Everyman

Does social media make us dumb? You may have read the study from the Project for Excellence in Journalism and the general reaction to it (the consensus was that social media site...
Copyblogger · Posted Sep 30 2007

40 is the New 20

Yes, it’s sad but true… today is my 40th birthday. The good news is I don’t feel old. And I surely haven’t started acting my age… just ask anyone who has been around me this week...