Shoemoney · Posted Oct 31 2007

Game, Set, Match. Rss Contest Over – HUGE PRIZES LEFT

The RSS contest between me and John Chow is now over. So who won? IMHO we both win. It was great publicity for both of us and we both gained thousands of RSS subscribers. Offic...
Jason Akatiff · Posted Oct 31 2007

Easy “PHP Proxy Checker” Writing Tutorial

I started to write this on Eli’s forum but decided to add it here so everyone could reference it. If you have a list of proxies that you’ve got from somewhere and want to verify...
Ian Fernando · Posted Oct 30 2007

Brad Callen’s New Elite Software And Wiki For Everyone

Browsing the internet I have found a couple interesting things. First ‘Dollar Wikis’ are everywhere. I first read about it on John Chow’s Blog. Everyone likes to be a copycat and n...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 30 2007

Shoemoney RSS Contest Winners for Monday, October 29!!

Google Winner – stian tonnesen $100 – 1 “Sponsored Listing” from the Site Sift Web Directory – From Site Sift Web Directory $79 – 1 copy of the SEO Book – From Aaron Wall $60...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 30 2007

John Chow Is Kicking My Ass

Ok cmon now 1 day left in the RSS Contest… and we are about to give away the grand prizes!!!!!!!!!! SIGNUP NOW
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 30 2007

Are Yuwie Serious?

A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me if I knew anything about Yuwie. He signed up for the site and actually described it to me as “a social networking site crossed with a...
Ian Fernando · Posted Oct 29 2007

An Alternative Way at Looking at PageRanks

Over the weekend I have finished a report about all the hysteria of Google PageRanks. There are so many blogs out there talking about Google either bashing, crying, or just laughin...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 29 2007

Shoemoney RSS Contest Winners for Sunday, October 28!!

Google Winner – Charlie H $144 – Advanced Web Hosting package from Tribune Hosting. The package includes 5,200MB of storage and 160GB/month of bandwidth. Setup is free and hostin...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 29 2007

Fun Numbers

8,500+ – Views on YouTube in the first TWO DAYS for PamCakes SEM recap video Considering it was posted early Saturday morning and the weekend is about 60% less traffic on my blog t...
Shoemoney · Posted Oct 28 2007

Shoemoney RSS Contest Winners for Saturday, October 27!!

Google Winner – Becky Rose $100 – 1 page on the Million Euro Wiki – From Million Euro Wiki Bloglines Winner -dustin stewart $100 – 1 limited edition Spiderman statue – From...