Copyblogger · Posted May 28 2007

The Real Secret to Getting Tons of Blog Subscribers

It’s still the question I get asked the most. Despite writing on this subject several times, and basically spilling the beans on every tip and tactic I know for converting site v...
Shoemoney · Posted May 28 2007

SMX And Affiliate Summit East Just Around The Corner

Unfortunately I am not going to be able to make the Search Marketing Expo and I am a bit pissed about it but I already had made prior plans before it was announced =(. I am sure it...
Shoemoney · Posted May 28 2007

Know Your Faults – TFS 6

Ok I will contune this series a bit more… Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Most people try to leave there weaknesses in a closet. I think your weaknesses are as important...
Shoemoney · Posted May 28 2007

Azoogle Refers, Adblockers, eBay Devcon, and Url Structure

Its been a bit since i did a Monday questions post. Sorry I got caught up. Keep them coming James Writes: Would be interesting to know how much you personally make from az re...
Shoemoney · Posted May 28 2007

Electronic Frontier Foundation Defends Bloggers Too

Recently people may have read where “someone” said they were going to sue me over some stuff I had said on this blog. Well I was presently surprised when a person from the
Shoemoney · Posted May 27 2007

Do You Want Full RSS Feeds Or Not

I always had full RSS feeds then about hmm a month or so ago after getting a bunch of complaints i switched to partial feeds. Now getting complaints about that. So tell me what y...
Shoemoney · Posted May 27 2007

Ok Full Feeds Win

Its pretty obvious people like full feeds better so full posts are in feeds again
Shoemoney · Posted May 27 2007

Lost Season Finale, UFC 71, Taking Dr J Down

Busy last couple of days few things I wanted to catch up on. 1- on friday I defeated my wife, Dr Shoemoney in our 2nd “Shoemoney biathalon” (its supposed to be a triatholon but...
Ian Fernando · Posted May 26 2007

Newbie Cash Machine Report and Review

Well, I have done it again. I bought Ewen Chia’s Newbie Cash Machine. Whew and what a read, all 141 pages! It must have taken Ewen a really long time to write it up, but being succ...
Ian Fernando · Posted May 25 2007

Ewen Chia: Newbie Cash Machine

Late today I received an email from Ewen Chia, and ofcourse he is usually selling something, as any internet marketing guru. But this is a very interesting product. Its for new int...