Shoemoney · Posted Mar 12 2008

Fortigate Firewall from

We have been looking at getting a new firewall/security appliance and this fortigate 200a from looks promising and seems to have great reviews …. but…. nobody answer...
Ian Fernando · Posted Mar 11 2008

Pointing to Your Self Brand

I received an interesting comment the other day via the Affiliate Summit Social Network. One person contacted me and she wanted to know how my trip was and how eager she wanted to...
Copyblogger · Posted Mar 11 2008

Just Say No to These Three Enemies of Clear and Direct Writing

Whenever you write anything, you have a desired message to communicate to a desired audience, whether it’s writing an ad to persuade a customer to buy your product or writing a rec...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 11 2008

Riding Bitch Sucks

Asshole Ted Murphy kept me out drinking and talking biz until the early am… Then I had to get up at 4:50AM to catch my flight. When I checked into the kiosk my seat said 11b.. Ok...
Ian Fernando · Posted Mar 10 2008

What are You About?

So lately I have been checking my stats and I have noticed a big surge of traffic during the ASW convention. Great! One specific stat stuck out to me and it was my about me page. I...
Copyblogger · Posted Mar 10 2008

The Secret Key to Killer Content: Taking Time to Think

Have you ever had these thoughts? “I wish my blog had content this good.” “How does he come up with this stuff?” “Boy, I wish I could write like that!” Now for the big qu...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 10 2008

Interview With 1938Media

I did a awesome interview with a person I really admire a lot – Loren Feldman of
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 10 2008

ShoeMoney Comment Algo

This is kind of funny but we have quite a algorythem as to what comments go into que.. what are blacklisted (go straight to trash) and what are always displayed. First of all… if...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 10 2008

11 Must Have Firefox Extensions

SEO for Firefox – Aaron Walls great extension which shows you every seo statistic within a Google Search. Very usefull. SplitLink Shows the true link behind redirects. Very u...
Shoemoney · Posted Mar 09 2008

Google Powered Desktops

In the March issue of Entrepreneur magazine there is a interesting article called “Google Eyed – Prepare to Fall hard for Google Based OS and the computers that run on it” which ta...